National Gallery sacks rep Candy Udwin

national_gallery_pcs_carousel_459x241A fresh wave of strikes and a national protest will be held as the National Gallery presses ahead with privatisation and sacks our rep Candy Udwin.

The gallery has confirmed this afternoon Candy has been dismissed after senior managers suspended her on the eve of the first strike in February.

We believe this is a clear case of victimisation and a direct attempt to undermine our union and we will fight it every step of the way.

When the plans to sell off all the gallery’s visitor services were announced – something no other major museum or gallery has ever done – Candy was at the forefront of our opposition and part of our Acas negotiating team.

The first Acas meeting was held on Friday, 30 January and our first strike was scheduled to start four days’ later. On the Monday, Candy was told she had been suspended from work.

Public interest

The ‘case’ against her was that she shared information about the use of a private security firm with her full-time union official and asked him to take up the matter with the gallery. Something she had every right to do on a matter of such strong public interest.

Our members at the gallery have already taken 23 days of industrial action and will embark on 11 more days starting next Wednesday and then from Tuesday, 26 May to Thursday, 4 June.

We are also organising a national demonstration on Saturday 30 May on the gallery’s doorstep in Trafalgar Square in London.

This will not only be an opportunity to support the campaign but also to protest against the kind of Tory cuts that led to this decision, and against what is a blatant attack on our trade union.

What you can do


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