Use your vote to keep the political fund!


PCS is running a ballot of all members on whether to retain the political fund. The ballot will run from 19 October to 11 November. We are urging all members to vote YES.

The UK has the most restrictive trade union laws in the industrialised world. As part of those laws, unions can only engage in activities deemed ‘political’ if they have a separate political fund. A ballot is required to set up the fund, and a further ballot every 10 years in order to keep it.

PCS set up its political fund in 2005. This has allowed us to run major political campaigns on civil service pensions, job cuts, pay and opposing privatisation. These are industrial issues, but without a political fund we could not lobby MPs, raise members’ concerns in parliament and oppose political attacks on civil servants.

Politicians make decisions that affect the lives of union members at work and home. It is in all our interest to be able to influence those decisions.
Whether we have a political fund or not will not affect how much you pay in subs.

PCS is an unaffiliated trade union, so not one penny of your money will go to any political party.

As a trade union, we organise in workplaces, negotiate with employers and use every industrial and legal means we can to defend ourselves. But with the government politically committed to austerity, we are seeing more job losses, office closures, privatisation and other cuts which all result from political decisions by ministers and MPs; and now the trade union right to strike is under political attack.

It’s important that we keep the political fund so we can continue to campaign politically, try to influence those decisions and have a strong voice in parliament.

The ballot timetable is as follows:

  • Ballot opens Monday 19 October
  • Ballot closes Tuesday 10 November
  • Results issued Wednesday 11 November

Ballot papers will begin arriving at members’ homes from 19 October. If you have not received one by 27 October then email


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