HMRC confirm widespread office closure programme


On Thursday 12 November, HM Revenue & Customs unveiled its ‘Building Our Future’ location strategy, with simultaneous announcements to all of its staff across the country. Almost all of its 170 offices will be closing to be replaced by 13 regional centres and 4 specialist sites over the next five years. Although some existing sites will remain open longer, by 2021 HMRC will be operating out of just 35 locations.

For PCS members in Bootle, the news is particularly galling. Litherland House is expected to close in 2018-19, followed by The Triad and St John’s House in 2019-20. This has a significant and in some cases devastating impact on most of our members.

A move to a central Liverpool location clearly means additional travel time for many, which will not be compensated for. For some this puts their job in jeopardy as fitting personal circumstances such as caring responsibilities into significantly increased travelling time will be impossible.

Many members will also face additional costs, with car parking charges and the like having a major detrimental impact, especially in the current climate of below inflation pay rises. In effect even at a notional average additional cost of £2 a day, which is a conservative estimate, this will cost members over £500 per year, something many simply cannot afford.

Many questions remain unanswered, specifically where the new office will be, the city centre is after all a rather large location; the business district around Moorfields would not cause as many problems as a move to the other side of Liverpool One which would dramatically increase travelling time, dragging more members into a situation where their job could be affected.

Current guidance states members can only be expected to move within ‘Reasonable Daily Travel’ (RDT) which is defined as “normally about 1 hour each way. How the time is measured will depend on what is reasonable having regard to your circumstances and the Department’s business needs. In some cases, this may be by public transport but, if you normally travel to work by car, it may be reasonable to work out your new travelling time on that basis. All cases will be dealt with on their merits and personal circumstances taken into account”.

The Bootle Taxes Branch position is to oppose these closures. Not only because of the devastating impact on many members, but also because the removal of 2,500 Jobs from Central Bootle kills the local economy.

We will be holding members meetings next week to give all members the chance to hear how we plan to respond, as well giving everyone a chance to get the answers to questions that the department has so far denied them.

We believe the plans in their entirety represent the simplistic vision of a senior civil service who like the way things look on paper, and don’t care in the slightest how their organisational pipe dream impacts on people. The reality is these plans hurt, both members and the Bootle community as a whole.

We will not stand idly by and let their obsessive vision of having thirteen offices across the UK, a vision that does not stand up to the simplest economic scrutiny, damage so many lives.

No one should assume these announcements represent a forgone conclusion. And we will campaign vigorously over the next few years to ensure they don’t happen.


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