Use your vote in the PCS GEC and NEC elections


  • National Executive Committee elections run from Thursday 21 April to Thursday 12 May by postal ballot
  • Group Executive Committee elections run from Thursday 28 April to Wednesday 18 May by postal ballot
  • The Branch Executive Committee recommends voting for those candidates nominated at our AGM in March

We are now entering that time of the year when members get to choose who runs their union. We are urging all members to take part in the elections, and have their say in who sits on the Group Executive Committee (which runs PCS in HMRC) and the National Executive Committee (which runs PCS as a whole).

The Branch Executive Committee would urge all members to consider giving their vote to the candidates who were nominated at our AGM in March. They are listed below, for convenience.

Group Executive Committee

President Gerry Noble

Deputy President Hector Wesley

Deputy Group Secretary John Davidson

Assistant Group Secretaries Ian Hough, Barney Lawn, Gordon Rowntree, John Smith

GEC ordinary members Chris Barclay, Laura Bee, Tracy Boyce, Phil Dickens, Carol Gerrard, Ian Hough, Sarah Malone, Kevin McHugh, Phil Millar, Gerry Noble, Martin Page, Alan Runswick

National Executive Committee

President John Moloney (DfT)

Vice Presidents Ian Hough (R&C), Bev Laidlaw (DWP), Simon Gardner (DWP)

NEC ordinary members Bev Laidlaw (DWP), Tom Bishell (DWP), Phil Dickens (R&C), Simon Gardner (DWP), Chris Marks (DWP), Charlie McDonald (DWP), Chris Hickey (CLG), Gilane Young (DfT), John Moloney (DfT), Gerry Noble (R&C), Ian Hough (R&C), Bryan Carlsen (HSE), Sarah Malone (R&C), Karen Johnson (CLG), Paulette Romain (CLG), Matt Wells (Defra)

How to vote

By law, elections for the NEC have to be run via postal ballot. This means that the ballot pack will be delivered to your home from Thursday 21 April, and you will have to fill in and post off the ballot paper. A freepost envelope is provided for this in the pack.

Remember to send your NEC ballot so that it arrives by noon on Thursday 12 May.

This year, GEC elections will run by postal ballot as well. The ballot pack will be sent to your home separate to the NEC ballot pack, from Thursday 28 April. As with the NEC election a freepost envelope will be provided for you to return your vote.

Remember to send your GEC ballot so that it arrives by noon on Wednesday 18 May.

Election results are due for each ballot the day after the ballot closes. We will advise members when we have them.


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