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  • Join the workplace protests on pay day (Friday 31 March)
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Civil service pay has fallen in value since 2010. Research carried out for PCS shows that from 2010 to 2016 average civil service pay fell by between 8 and 9% in real terms, a larger fall than the rest of the public sector and the wider economy.

The 1% civil service pay cap, the removal of salary progression, increased pension scheme and National Insurance contributions – these have all combined to create a perfect storm.

Many civil servants are struggling to make ends meet – it’s clear that PCS members need and deserve a better pay deal. The value of civil service earnings has fallen significantly and is continuing to fall – further than the value of pay in the rest of the public sector and in the economy as a whole, with inflation having an increasingly damaging effect.

That is why PCS have launched a new pay campaign to fight for a rise.

The union will submit a national pay claim for a pay increase of 5% or £1,200, whichever is the greater. We are also continuing to talk to the TUC and other public sector unions about joint union action to break the 1% pay cap. But the strength of the campaign lies with the members, and there are some simple, practical steps you can take to help us get started:

Make Treasury Minister David Gauke listen

We have made a submission to the Treasury that the 1% pay cap should be lifted and that the 2017 pay remit should enable civil service employers to start the process of restoring the value of pay, by enabling them to negotiate increases to civil service pay above the rate of inflation.
But we need your help to make him listen by emailing him. You can send an email in a couple of minutes simply by visiting this link.

Protest on pay day – 31 March

On pay day in March, before the Treasury publishes its pay guidance for 2017, PCS are asking all members to get involved in workplace pay day protests.

For our branch, these will take place at 1pm outside the building, and will serve as a way to demonstrate our anger over low pay. We need to show that we are willing to stand up and fight and we can only do that if as many of us as possible get involved.

Please take the time to come along and join your colleagues in making your voice heard.

Civil service pay has been eroded for far too long. It’s time for the government to drop the 1% pay cap. They will only do that if we fight for it – so speak to your local reps about how you can get involved!


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