PCS members raise their voices over pay

Payday 10
Today (Friday 31 March) saw PCS members across the country take part in protests over pay.

In Bootle, reps spent lunchtime handing out leaflets and gathering signatures for the union’s petition to Treasury Secretary David Gauke. Members were keen to sign their name to the demand that the pay cap be broken, and a number of members of the public also offered their support.

At 1pm, members poured out of the building to take part in a lively, high-spirited protest. Branch Secretary Phil Millar gave a speech which was met with cheers and the crowd engaged in chants, cheering and jokes.

Civil Service members fighting the 1% pay cap and cleaner members struggling for a real living wage stood together in the protest. All workers on the HMRC estate, whether directly employed or outsourced, have an interest in improved pay and the solidarity between the two groups was on display today.

The branch thanks everyone for taking part in the protest, and will keep members updated on the campaign as it develops.


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