Joint Bootle Branch Briefing

_73144751_pcspaTo: PCS Members in Bootle St Johns and Bootle Taxes Branches

Due to the ongoing changes within the department, your local Branch Committees are looking at how best PCS can structure ourselves to ensure we are best able to represent members. We are currently exploring the possibility of merging the two HMRC Bootle branches.

The principle advantages to this would be –

  • That we would be able to share resources knowledge and experience in a more effective way
  • It would be easier for reps to work with members across all sites involved
  • It will be easier for us to ensure each directorate is covered by reps.
  • There would be financial savings for the union
  • Less time will be spent on the administration of the branches and as such more time would be available for representing members
  • If the move to the regional centre does take place we will be better positioned to represent members ahead of the move
  • It will be easier to work with the other local branches during potential relocation transition

There are several stages we need to go down prior to any merger – first of all seeking your input.

So if you have any questions, comments or concerns please let us know by 08/09/2017.

Please respond to the names on this briefing or alternatively your nearest rep.

Steve McDonald
Branch Chairperson Bootle St Johns

John Virtue
Branch Chairperson Bootle Taxes


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