Pay Up! Campaign – What Next?

NEC agrees to run consultative ballot of all members


  • Come to the members’ meetings on 31 August
  • Visit and for more updates

The National Executive Committee is looking to hold a consultative ballot on pay ahead of the budget in November. This will be to ask members what action they will support, including industrial action, in order to break the pay cap.

On 31 July, HMRC imposed the 1% public sector pay cap on PCS members for another 12 months. Across the country, members responded with protests highlighting both our opposition to the cap and the detrimental impact that it is having on us. Now, we need to escalate our activity.

Members meetings on 31 August

There has already been considerable pressure on the government over public sector pay. It is essential that we keep up that pressure. In order to decide exactly how we do that, we will be holding members meetings on 31 August. Details of the time and venue will be shared closer to the time.

Getting a positive result in the consultative ballot will be a key part of that. The law requires at least a 50% turnout in an industrial action vote in order for it to be binding. Being able to show that we can meet that, and deliver a positive vote for action, will strengthen our hand in talks with the government. We all have a part to play in that, not only in making sure that we vote but in encouraging our colleagues to do the same.

We also need to discuss what other activities we can engage in to put the pressure on. What forms of protest activity will make the employer sit up and pay attention? What can we do to build up momentum towards the ballot and then towards any industrial action?

This is your chance to help us decide that, so please come along and have your say.

End the payday pain

Members’ pay has fallen 17% behind inflation over the last 10 years, and many members are struggling desperately to get by, pay bills and feed families.

Civil Service pay increases have also been slashed through the withdrawal of salary progression through grades. Government policy has also impacted on our take-home pay by increases to the contributions that we pay to our pension scheme and National Insurance contributions – adding to the huge strain on PCS members and our families.

Get involved!

There are a number of ways that you can support PCS campaigns and get more involved in your union:

  • Share and discuss PCS briefings with your colleagues, and encourage them to come along to meetings and campaign activity.
  • Contribute to the PCS Fighting Fund, so we can support members taking sustained targeted industrial action, at
  • If you know somebody who is not a member, ask them to join the union. Forms are available from your local rep, or they can join online at

Remember: HMRC are restrictive about what circulars can be distributed using the department’s email system, so make sure that you stay in touch with your union. If you haven’t already done so, let PCS have your personal/non-work email address and your mobile phone number.


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