Pay up campaign – members’ meetings

Payday 07

We are holding members’ meetings on 31 August to discuss PCS’s campaign to end the civil service pay cap, including the upcoming consultative ballot. This is part of a day of activity that PCS members in HMRC, the Home Office and the Ministry of Justice are taking part in across the UK.

Public sector workers have suffered under the UK-wide 1% public sector cap introduced in 2013, which itself followed a two-year pay freeze. The last Tory government pledged to keep the pay cap in place until 2020. Nothing will change unless we do something about it.

Clara Paillard, a member of the union’s National Executive Committee, will speak at the meeting so that members can hear what the union has planned and ask questions. We are also encouraging members to come armed with ideas about what should happen next, both at branch level and nationally. What campaigning tactics should we use in Bootle? What kind of action do you want to see from the union as a whole? Come along and have your say!

Get involved!

There are a number of ways that you can support PCS campaigns and get more involved in your union:

  • Send and share the digital letter to HMRC chief executive Jon Thompson, urging him to call on the Treasury to lift the cap here.
  • Contribute to the PCS Fighting Fund, so we can support members taking sustained targeted industrial action, here.
  • If you know somebody who is not a member, ask them to join the union. Forms are available from your local rep, or they can join online here.

Remember: HMRC are restrictive about what circulars can be distributed using the department’s email system, so make sure that you stay in touch with your union. If you haven’t already done so, let PCS have your personal/non-work email address and your mobile phone number.


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