Living Staff: Living Wage – protest 28 November

The Triad, Stanley Road, Bootle – 12pm | RSVP on Facebook

iss-picket-1ISS Cleaners in Bootle Taxes Branch have called for a day of protest on 28 November as part of the campaign for a living and better working conditions.

PCS is demanding:

  • That ISS cleaners are paid at least the Living Wage, £8.75 an hour nationally and £10.20 in London, and that supervisory staff pay is raised to £10 an hour nationally and £11.30 in London, with annual cost of living increases.
  • That ISS cleaners are given occupational sick pay, with the same rights as directly employed HMRC staff.
  • That ISS cleaners are given the same holiday entitlement as directly employed HMRC staff, with up to 32 days leave a year, plus bank holidays and a privilege holiday.
  • That ISS ensure that there are enough staff to do the job, by offering increased working hours where the cleaners want them and by recruiting more staff as necessary.

Staff who clean the offices in HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) are over-worked and undervalued. Expected to do a demanding and thankless job, they receive only the minimum wage, the bare minimum holiday entitlement and if they fall ill they only get statutory sick pay.

Cleaning staff take care of HMRC’s offices and have ISS Facility Services as their employer. Yet both HMRC and ISS refuse to take responsibility for doing right by them. This means that the only remaining option is to organise and fight for these demands.

Support and solidarity is welcome. Bring flags and banners and help us make some noise.


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