PCS issues Union Inspection Notice over Triad lifts

js54920282PCS have issued management with a Union Inspection Notice regarding the lifts in the Triad. You can download a copy of it here.

Whilst the lifts have now been inspected and declared fit for use, they have been several times before and failed. We believe it is foreseeable that they will fail again. Given the failure has involved the lift dropping or misaligning with floors, we further believe it foreseeable that this could result in serious harm and injury.

We believe that this problem is the result of either a hidden fault or, more likely, overloading of the lifts. Failure to address these issues is a breach of health and safety regulations.

We therefore want management to immediately instate a lift watch to ensure there is no lift overcrowding. We also want additional lifts repaired as a matter of urgency to take the strain and all lifts to undergo full inspection.

In the meantime, our advice to members is as follows:

  • If you do not believe that the lifts are safe, do not use them. You have a right under the Employment Rights Act 1996 to remove yourself from serious and imminent danger.
  • You cannot be compelled to walk up the stairs to any floors, even if you do not have mobility impairments. If you are unable to use the lifts or the stairs, it is management to find you somewhere else to work, or take the decision to send you home. (Those in this situation who moved from Litherland for health, safety or wellbeing reasons should not be compelled to return there.)
  • If you do opt to use the lifts, per previous messages from the Building Responsible Manager and the temporary flexi agreement for the Triad, all time spent waiting is work time and should be recorded as such.
  • Any issues with the lifts should both be reported to Mapeley and in an accident form as necessary. Please make sure you do this as it adds weight to PCS’s arguments.

Based upon management’s response to the Notice, we will issue further advice on the 31 January deadline.


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