Liverpool Regional Centre announcement

India_Buildings,_LiverpoolMembers will by now have been briefed on the Liverpool regional centre announcement. Namely, that Litherland House, St John’s House and the Triad will close by summer 2020 and that Imperial Court in Liverpool will be retained alongside India Buildings.

From a Bootle perspective we are very disappointed that HMRC have stated a preference to keep Imperial Court in the city centre open, rather than give consideration to keeping a presence in Bootle. The branch had argued that St Johns House would have been an ideal location, and numerous members had already expressed concerns to us that they fear they wouldn’t be able to travel to town, so the confirmation that all the offices in Bootle are to close comes as a blow to many. As a branch we remain committed to campaign for a presence in Bootle , however we must also prepare for a significant challenge through the impending one to one process.

We will be holding meeting over the next few weeks with all members to explain the process and answer your questions.  Your reps will also be able to help you individually with your personal case.

This is a link to PCS Office Closure guidance. We strongly recommend you take time to read this so you are familiar with what the process entails. This guidance will also help our members in management positions  who will have to deal with this for their teams as well going through the exercise themselves.

Once we have discussed arrangements for meeting with management we will come back to you with more details.

In the meantime please do take time to familiarise yourself with the guidance. Also please take time to attend the branch AGM on the 26th February where this and many other issues will be discussed.


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