Keep Jobs Local campaign


What we’re fighting for

HMRC management’s plans to reduce the number of offices from 170 to 13 regional centres and 4 specialist sites; and to slash thousands of jobs, will lead to chaos in the department.

Far from Building Our Future as the department proclaims, the plans will result in widespread loss of essential skills and a worsening service, as management desperately clings on to the hope that the public will switch in their droves to managing their tax affairs online.

The department has already begun the process of closing offices, and HMRC is already starting to make workers compulsorily redundant, at the same time as they are recruiting new staff elsewhere.

Parliament’s influential Public Accounts Committee has once again lambasted HMRC for cutting too many staff too quickly; and as a result, for the department’s failing customer service.

PCS is campaigning to defend jobs and local offices.

We believe that a properly-resourced HMRC can bring in the necessary revenue to bridge the tax gap, and provide the necessary funding for the kind of services that will meet society’s needs.

Get involved

PCS oppose the plans and it is essential that members come together to defend the offices, your jobs and your livelihoods. You should:

If we stand together – we can win.