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Branch publications


Dec 12

Bits & PCS is the PCS Bootle Taxes Branch Newsletter. Formerly called The Union, it provides members with updates on what’s happening in the branch and opinions on relevant issues.The newsletter is published every two months and distributed to all members in The Triad and Litherland House.

Download the latest and past issues here.


  Or&cle is the news journal for PCS members in the Revenue & Customs (R&C) group employed in HMRC and the VOA.The magazine is published 10 times each year and is sent directly to members ballot address. You can access the latest magazine and previous editions here.
  Packed with the latest news on our pay and conditions, rights at work and campaigns, PCS View is essential reading for all our members. PCS members receive View at their home address. You can also download the magazine here each month after it is published.
  In print and online, Activate is a source of news and analysis, as well as a resource for activists to help us organise, campaign and represent our members effectively.If you are an active member of our union – as a distributor of PCS mail, a workplace rep, a national executive member, or in any other capacity – you should receive a copy. You can also download the latest edition here.


  The government has outlined huge cuts to public spending that will destroy our jobs, working conditions and public services. Cuts are neither necessary nor inevitable. In fact, we believe there is an alternative. Download the pamphlet in PDF format here.
  A follow-up to the There is an alternative pamphlet, arguing that the government’s policies have proved PCS conclusively right – austerity has failed to create jobs or economic growth. Download the pamphlet in PDF format here.
  Produced in conjunction with Unite, NUT, UCU and the National Pensioners Convention, this pamphlet is designed to bust the myths about public sector pensions, and argue instead for fair pensions for all. Download the pamphlet in PDF format here.
  This pamphlet will arm activists with the information needed to campaign against attacks on benefits – and to put forward ideas for the future of the welfare state. Download the pamphlet in PDF format here.


This report argues that the fall in the value of pay since the onset of recession in 2008 could be a major obstacle to the return of economic growth. The report also busts the myth that civil servants are paid more than their private sector counterparts. Download the pamphlet in PDF format here.