Branch Equality Committee

At our 2018 Annual General Meeting (AGM), Bootle Taxes Branch voted to create a new equality committee. The committee supports the work of the Equality Officer and the Branch Executive Committee (BEC) by:

  • keeping up to date with their awareness of equality legislation through the PCS Equality network
  • working with the branch to ensure there is no discriminatory impact to new and existing policies/projects
  • organising events to keep people informed of equality issues
  • being available to speak to members on a confidential basis about Equality issues
  • producing branch equality bulletins

The 2019/20 Equality Committee are:

Nikki Burns (Equality Officer), Kris Marsden (Black Members’ Officer), Chris Wood (Disabled Members’ Officer), Ben Kelly and Stephen Parry (LGBT+ Members’ Officers), Feyi Imahia and Helen Sheridan (Neurodiverse Members’ Officers), Chantelle Stone (Women’s Officer), Liam Crabb and Heather Robertson (Young Members’ Officers), Sharon O’Neill, Pete Smullen.

Branch Women’s Advisory Committee

Our AGM elects a branch women’s advisory committee (BWAC). This is chaired by the women’s officer who reports to the branch executive committee (BEC) on its activity.

The committee provides the BEC with valuable input into policies and negotiations on issues that are important to women members, e.g. childcare, maternity leave, etc. The committee also:

  • Advises the BEC on matters which particular affect women members
  • Considers proposals of concern to women from management
  • Monitors the effectiveness of equal opportunity programmes in the workplace
  • Liaises with group women’s advisory and equality committees
  • Assists the branch to recruit women locally and monitor women’s recruitment levels
  • Encourages women’s participation in PCS activities
  • Encourages women to stand for the BEC and other positions in the union, (at group and national level)
  • Encourages women’s applications to education courses
  • Talks to women in the branch to assess their concerns/priorities

The 2019/20 BWAC are:

Chantelle Stone (Women’s Officer), Lottie Bull, Claire Hulse, Rosetta Luca, Michelle Marshall, Clair Mennie-Lewis, Carolyn Newall, Sharon O’Neill, Helen Sheridan