The Branch Executive Committee

The Branch Executive Committee (BEC), elected before the Annual General Meeting each year, is the primary PCS body within the branch which, among other things:

  • represents members in personal cases and negotiations with local management,
  • promotes PCS campaigns,
  • acts as a link between members in the branch and the union nationally,
  • co-ordinates PCS activities in the branch

There are several officer positions (PCS site) on the BEC (Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary,  Organiser & Treasurer) with different roles and responsibilities but, in practice, the lines get blurred and we all chip in to get things done.

Branch Officers

Chair: John Virtue

Vice Chair: Bernadette Parkes

Secretary: Phil Millar

Assistant Secretary: TBC

Organiser: Phil Dickens (see here for the Branch Organising Strategy)

Assistant Organiser: Nathaniel McParland

Treasurer: Wendy Johnston

Deputy Treasurer: Dave Gibbons

Training & Education Officer: Pete Smullen

Equalities Officer: Nikki Burns

Womens’ Officer: Mary Myatt (see here for the Branch Women’s Advisory Committee)

Young Members Officer: Simon Connell

Environmental Health & Safety Officer: Sarah Broad

Health & Safety Co-ordinator: Tony O’Neill

Union Learning Rep Co-ordinator: Suzanne Donaldson

Office representatives

In addition to the Branch Officers there are also office reps, pretty much the same as a shop steward. They represent members primarily in their own business streams for personal cases and negotiations with local management. Each committee of office reps elects lead reps to sit on the BEC alongside the Branch Officers.

Benefits & Credits:

Chair – Kris Marsden; Secretary – Tracy Gavin

Comben House Reps: Tracy Gavin, Mark Woods

The Triad Reps: Leah Cunnah, Glen Darbyshire, Kris Marsden

BT Operations:

Chair – TBC; Secretary – Sam McGrath

Comben House Reps: Sam McGrath, David Pallett

St John’s House Reps: John Breckell, Peter Connor, Michelle Marshall, Paul Shanahan

Customer Compliance Group:

Chair – Phil Millar, Secretary – TBC

St John’s House Reps: Michelle Johnson, John Wilden, Clare Wilson

The Triad Reps: Sarah Broad, Phil Millar, James Riley

Customer Strategy & Tax Design:


Corporate Services:

Steve McDonald

Debt Management:

Sarah Williams

ISS Cleaning Staff:


PT Ops:

Chair – John Virtue, Secretary – Brian Allen

Litherland House Reps:

BU1 – Jamie Branford, Joanne Dickinson, Paul McMullin, James O’Neill, Bernadette Parkes, Chris Welsh

The Triad Reps:

BU2 – Marcos Calleja, Will Charlton, Mark Cleugh, Simon Connell, Phil Dickens, Phil Farley, Conor Gillett, Margi Henderson, Chris McGeoch, Mary Myatt, Anna-Marie O’Connor, Helen Sheridan, Pete Smullen, Caroline Tyson, Chris Wood

BU3 – Brian Allen, Nikki Burns, John Byrne, Sharon Byrne, Ian Carruthers, Dave Gibbons, Richie Hammond, Matt Harvey, Wendy Johnston, Katie-Louise Marsh, Nathaniel McParland, Sharon O’Neill, Tony O’Neill, John Virtue, Charlie Wilson

Health & Safety Reps

The functions of trade union safety reps are laid down by the 1977 Safety Representatives and Safety Committees Regulations (SRSC Regs.). The law also gives Health and Safety Reps paid time off to fulfil their duties.

Comben House: Jason Kurs

Litherland House: Bernadette Parkes

St John’s House: John Wilden, Roy Jones

The Triad: Brian Allen, Sarah Broad, Nikki Burns, John Byrne, Brian Cairns, Ian Carruthers, Will Charlton, David Cluskey, Phil Dickens, Dave Gibbons, Richie Hammond, Wendy Johnston, Barry Jones, Ashleigh Lawrence, David Lindsay, Chris McGeoch, Nathaniel McParland, Phil Millar, Tony O’Neill, James Riley, Pete Smullen, Caroline Tyson, Charlie Wilson

Union Learning Reps (ULRs)

ULRs are trained union members who promote learning in the workplace.

Like the Health & Safety Reps, legislation gives Learning Reps a statutory right to time off to undertake training and to carry out their duties.

Comben House: vacant

Litherland House: Nick Tanner

St John’s House: Emma Banks, Jamie Horner, Claire Hulse, Roy Jones, Joel Taylor

The Triad: Hayley Caruana, Suzanne Donaldson, Justine Lloyd, Rosetta Luca, Chris McGeoch, Euin Owen