Bootle Taxes terms and conditions protest

Members of PCS Bootle Taxes Branch took part in a 15 minute protest yesterday (14 November). The protest took place to oppose the government’s attack on terms and conditions as well as to mark the ETUC’s Day of Action against austerity.

Branch chair Frank Doran addressed members and explained the attacks that members faced, as well how it fits into the wider context of austerity – which for PCS members include a pay freeze, increased pension contributions and threatened job losses. Frank said “this protest is about taking action as soon as we can, to show our anger, in anticipation of the union calling full industrial action. It is just the beginning of a wider campaign.”

The idea of a fifteen minute walkout comes from a jibe made by Cabinet Minister Francis Maude. He suggested the walkouts as an alternative to the coordinated strike action last winter. HMRC members in Coventry were the first to take his advice when he visited their office on 18 October.

Protests also took place in other branches across the country. They will be followed up by a further day of action on 30 November.

The branch would like to congratulate and thank its members for taking action. We also express our solidarity not only with other PCS members, but with the construction workers who used the day to picket against blacklisting and the workers across Europe who took part in general strikes.

Further reports: PCS Globe | DEFRA Southern Branch


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